Nearing the End –

It’s been a long trek through the vast wastelands of self-publishing, but I’m very close now.  And I’m taking you with me.  A paranormal mystery story emerging from its cocoon, spreading its wings as a mystery book—the next in the Lance Underphal Mystery series—Flight of the Tarantula Hawk.


It’s All About Freedom –

Freedom of expression—freedom to do, to say, to entertain—this is what self-publishing represents.  We have a unique opportunity in this space at this time.  No middlemen.  The best I can do, from me to you.  It lets you, the readers choose.


The introduction of Jake Jacobs, a random passage with which to pass the time until the release:

“At the head of the table, Frank Salmon raises his beer and gives me a half a smile while chewing a mouthful of Mexican food.

Hmm, started without me.  So much for fashionably late. 

Sitting at the other end is a humongous stranger.  His bulk dwarfs the chair as though it’s an afterthought brought out from a child’s playroom, straining precariously under his massive frame.  A shaved military cut atop an artillery bullet of a skull, thick neck, broad muscular shoulders and back tapering to his waist and massive thighs—the build of a pro wrestler or heavyweight cage brawler, he’s huge.  And I’m caught off guard.

Who is this guy?                  

Vigorously munching, he turns to me with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, grins, winks and nods.  Intimidating as hell—like if I’m not careful, I could be part of his next meal.

Shit, who is this guy?

On her way to the kitchen, Lacey says, “Lance, this is Jake Jacobs, an old Navy buddy of Frank’s.”


The tentative release date for Flight of the Tarantula Hawk is Halloween.


As always, my blatant self-promotion as a mystery writer follows:


Dark Side of Sunset Pointe – A Lance Underphal Mystery is available in e-book & paperback on Amazon.


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