Outside the box of King and Koontz, Connelly and Burke, they are a new breed of mystery thrillers. Dark. Dangerous. Different. As seen on NBC. A murder mysteries series skewed by real events and a brush with the supernatural.

Here’s what readers have to say about The Lance Underphal Mystery Thrillers:

“Absorbing mystery with a psychic twist! Not your typical mystery. Not your typical police procedural. Not traditionally paranormal (no vampires, thank God). But an intriguing combo of all three.” – Rachel Thompson, bestselling author.

“The writing is mesmerizing, and the execution of each separate theme is good enough to keep you thinking about the story long after you have finished… Highly recommended read for any mystery lover who enjoys twists, characters you’ll love or hate and writing that will leave you salivating for more.” – Quality Reads UK Book Club.

“An action-packed page turner based on real events, this murder mystery/thriller series is layered with plot twists and alarming details, along with voices of the dead and visions of imminent peril. Highly recommended for thriller/suspense fans.” – Chanticleer Review

“Compelling storylines, deftly written action scenes and real emotional heft, a highly entertaining thriller series featuring an unforgettable psychic. Highly recommended.” – BestThrillers.com

“Interesting concept for a story/series – I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It’s different and keeps you guessing. I bought the next two in the series.” – Amazon 5 star review by Rick,

Hard to put down, this hard-boiled crime series may keep you up nights guessing. Take a ride-along with Lance and his compadres.

A new mystery thriller series featuring the FBI consultant, Jena Halpern. The shy psychic takes on murder cases no one else can solve.

A series whose crime leaves you cold, and whose people steal your heart. Epic in scope, cinematic in execution, The Jena Halpern Mystery Thrillers defy categories.

Here’s what readers are saying about The Jena Halpern Mystery Thrillers:

“If you enjoy a good detective story, add a stealthy dose of the supernatural and you have your new favorite character, Jena. …Do yourself a favor and check out this writer’s exceptional ability to paint pictures with words.” – Amazon 5 star review by Patrick.

“Riveting Read!! I loved this book!! It kept me hooked from page one until the end. I could read Mr Scott’s description of a place and could actually picture it!! Honestly, this book was hard to put down.” – Amazon 5 star review by Dawnie.

“Kept me guessing. And that’s what a good mystery is supposed to do. Great characters and a challenging concept, I enjoyed it immensely.” – Amazon 5 star review by George.

“Complementary characters in homicide. Michael Allan Scott’s style is laced with detail. One can see the scene, almost breathe the air. The author allows us to get inside these characters. They are real; Scott builds them brick by psychological brick. I want to read more. He is a natural!” – Amazon 5 star review by Tom.

“The characters are realistic and well-described. The style of writing is easy to read, and the author demonstrates how external items can be beautifully described with a minimum of well-chosen words. The story includes violence, suspense and food for thought. Definitely a great book.” – Amazon 5 star review by Kayak Jay.

“What a ride! … Plots within plots. My genre is everything this book is all about. …I know when I buy one of his books to set aside time to finish it all at once. Or I stare at the ceiling trying to sleep while my Kindle awaits me in another room.” – Amazon 5 star review by Deb H.

Fresh reads for fans of Dean Koontz, Lisa Gardner, James Lee Burke, Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins.