wherever i may find her

passion fires her eyes –

burning brighter than a thousand suns –

whimsy twinkles there, too –


darting through stars to hide, then seek –

a romp in golden fields, hand in hand –

all wrapped up in her laughter –


siren’s song, angel’s wing, healer’s heart –

lightning woven in her halo –


smoky mystery, gleaming grace, she electrifies

leaves me giddy, grinning—full of light


she’s sister’s strength, mother’s comfort

fluffy clouds gently whisper hush in her soft embrace


flesh pales at her perfection

time holds its breath

I will know her, always and forever


Too beautiful to be, she is

wherever i may find her


Copyright © 2014 by Michael Allan Scott, all rights reserved.


A love poem?

From a writer of mystery books?

Yes, it’s true. Guess I’ve always been a closet romantic (among other things.) And I continue to be inspired by love.

The way I see it, most of us came here looking for love—a tall order on this “kill or be killed” planet. But then, who among us doesn’t love a challenge—much like a good mystery.

Of course, your comments are always welcome.

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