Okay, so he may have a bit of a head start, having published his break-out  novel, Carrie, in 1973.  And yes, he has a few million more readers—granted.  Oh, and then there’s his Rock n’ Roll radio station, WKIT.  But other than that, Stephen King’s got nothing on me.

Super Stars

Much like the music industry of the recent past, the publishing industry is changing—opening up.  No longer the exclusive territory of large publishing houses that manufacture “bestsellers” and  “bestselling” super stars, book publishing is going “grass roots.”  Power to the People!

With the advent of new technology, such as eBooks and Print On Demand (POD), and the likes of Amazon, the playing field is leveling.  Mystery authors like me, and new authors in every genre, have a fighting chance.  And that’s all we ask.


Of course it helps if you can write your ass off, like Stephen King.  And there’s bound to be a lot of flailing around as the wheat is separated from the chaff.  Still, talent and persistence have a way of getting their due when given half a chance.  Best of all, informed readers stand to benefit the most.

A Brand New Day

New publishing entrepreneurs abound in Indie Publishing.  And Self-Publishing is now an economic reality for business-minded authors.  The phenomenon is spreading like wildfire due to pent-up demand.  Would-be authors have been suppressed for decades, locked out of a marketplace by those who controlled it.  This, to the detriment of writers and ultimately, readers.  But now, it’s a whole new ball game—a brand new day.

No Mystery

As a mystery writer and businessman, it’s easy to see.  It’s all about the money.  Money, first and foremost—the bane of Capitalism.  And most large corporations by their very nature are in it for the money, first.  All other considerations take a back seat.


It is a well-known business strategy—control the product and distribution lines on which the product flows and you’re on your way to profits.  Create product demand then make it scarce and you can drive up prices—manipulating the market and increasing profits.  Okay, so it lacks a certain ethic, fairness . . . but who cares, the investors are happy . . . and remember, it’s all about the money.


Trust me, I’m not all that cynical.  We all know there is nothing wrong with money when properly aligned with production values and fair exchange.  We can all use plenty of the stuff.  However, it’s certainly not the be-all, end-all for successful living.

A New Normal

At the end of the day, opportunities abound for authors and publishers in this new era of accessible publishing, giving mystery writers like me the same chance for success as Stephen King.  And I’m going for it, thank you very much . . .

Feel free to wade in, the water’s fine.

For a preview of my new mystery novel, Dark Side of Sunset Pointe – A Lance Underphal Mystery, here’s an excerpt.  Look forward to your feedback.  Please comment below.