Pounding on the Publisher’s Door –

Grey Daze, the third book in the Lance Underphal Mystery series, spins a murder into new realms of gritty realism, paranormal mystery, and international intrigue. Lance and friends ride a wild underworld roller coaster, slammed through ups and downs as they face drug dealers, corrupt police, and a gunrunning biker gang. Layers of plots within plots twist this thriller into a startling climax.

If I can ever bring myself to publish it, I’m confident you’ll find it the most entertaining of the series to date.

The manuscript has been edited within an inch of its life. Yet I know from experience that no matter how many editors and how many times it’s been gone through, it will still hide copy errors. And I HATE errors. If I can manage to pry it out of my sweaty hands, it will go to the publisher.

Here’s Another Taste –

From the beginning of the fifth chapter, entitled “MIA” it’s a typical day at the office for Lance’s close friend, the private investigator.

“Jake Jacobs stoops to squeeze his massive shoulders through the back exit of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, clearing the way for Arizona Sen. Malcolm Stiles. Stiles’s meeting with the governor of Sonora just wrapped up. A combination goodwill visit on behalf of the State Department, spot inspection of the Mexican governor’s drug cartel suppression policies, and photo op for the senator’s reelection campaign, Stiles is milking the official visit for all it’s worth. On loan to the State Department on a short-term contract, Jake can’t think of a more hazardous, less gratifying assignment. Good thing it pays well.

Piercing eyes cut across the dirty back lot, the waiting armored Escalades, the narrow alleyway, sagging chain-link fencing, overflowing rusted Dumpsters—Jake takes it all in, warily absorbing every detail. Jake’s SEAL training keeps him on high alert, nerves taut and humming like high-voltage wires, even in seemingly benign situations.

They’ve been in Nogales only a few short hours, but Jake has seen enough to know it’s a security nightmare. Narrow streets crowded with slow traffic, corrupt local forces with little or no control, everyone brandishing machine guns and assault rifles—macho bullshit and a recipe for disaster.

As Jake steps away from the dented metal door, Hank, one of the Secret Service agents, follows him out, Sen. Stiles in lockstep just behind, Gov. Esposito on Stiles’s heels. Jake hears the hum of his “Anchors Aweigh” ringtone. As he glances down to his shirt pocket, the first round whistles by his ear, the crack of a high-caliber rifle echoing in its wake. Behind him, Hank tackles the senator, pulling him down to shield him as Esposito dives for cover. Eyes darting up and around as he zigzags for the closest Escalade, Jake sweeps the horizon for potential vantage points, looking for the glint of a rifle’s scope or muzzle flash from the next round. “Anchors Aweigh” hums on as he pulls his .45 semiautomatic and crouches down behind the Escalade’s front fender. Scanning the terraced foothills in the middle distance, he absently wonders who’s calling. Their timing is impeccable.

Jake traces a winding dirt road across a ridge off to his right. He spots a beat-up Chevy as its engine revs and clouds of dust spray from its wheel wells. It fishtails its way behind a couple shacks, a trail of dust following it over the ridge—no doubt, the shooter. Esposito’s bodyguards scramble, screaming Spanish expletives into their radio mics as they run for their dun-colored military vehicles.

Jake unfolds from his crouch, clicking on the .45’s safety. It’s over. Looks like no one was hit. And while the locals will do their best, he’s fairly sure the shooter is long gone. He smirks. Nothing compares to the thrill you get from traveling to exotic lands. If only they weren’t a free-for-all, riddled with corrupt politicians and plagued with drug cartels. Of course, then, what fun would it be? Holstering his .45, he glances back at Hank and a badly rattled senator.

Plucking his smartphone from his pocket, Jake swipes the screen, checking for the most recent caller—Callie. Wonder what she wants.

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The mystery books Dark Side of Sunset Pointe and Flight of the Tarantula Hawk are available on Amazon. Grey Daze is due out later this year.

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