Mood Music – A Mystery Writer’s Soundtrack –

In my view, everything goes better with music, including writing mystery stories.  And I’m not the only mystery writer that listens to music while they work.  If I recall, Stephen King mentions listening to Rock music in his seminal book, On Writing.  He should, he owns the local Classic Rock FM station.

Emotional Tone

I find music particularly useful in setting the emotional tone or theme of a passage, paragraph, or chapter.  From dark and brooding, up through melancholia, then on through rage, even exhilaration—music can elicit a wide range of emotions.  Themes will range from despair, terror, romance and fast action.  Once I’ve used music to set the mood, I’m off and running, bringing the next mystery book to life.

Listen with Feeling

Let the music carry you away.

Here’s a few pieces I use to set the tone:     

Tell me, what do they bring to mind.

You have no idea how much I enjoyed putting this together.  Hope you enjoy it, too.

(Here it comes—the blatant self-promotion for my newest mystery book on

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