For that matter, he’s no Harry Bosch or Dave Robicheaux either. Solving murders is about the only thing they all have in common. And in that arena, ol’ Lance can hold his own. Granted, Underphal’s methods are more than a little unconventional. And while Reacher, Bosch and Robicheaux have great instincts (and Robicheaux has his share of visions) none of them would be considered psychic. Is that a good thing?

Reluctant Psychic

Viewing his psychic abilities as a curse, certainly Lance himself would think so. In fact, if it was up to him, he wouldn’t be in this murder mystery series at all. I however, have other plans. And since I’m the author, I can do whatever the hell I want. So, ol’ Lance Underphal is stuck. (Live with it.)


Underphal has only one way to go. And that’s out-there. Once there, he has to survive—make it back with the clues. Not as easy as it first appears. It can be a dangerous proposition. Clues are just as difficult to work in the netherworld, if not more so. But since he’s got no choice in the matter, he’s got to work it out or die trying—gets those ratty old briefs of his in a real twist.


One editor recently referred to Lance Underphal as a “lovable loser.” I’m fairly certain Lance doesn’t see it that way (and I should know.) He’ll point to rough circumstances as the cause of his plight. And of all the rough blows, one rears its ugly head, standing head and shoulders above the rest—losing his wife crushed him.

Though drug through the mystery and suspense kicking and screaming, Lance does his best. A good guy at heart, he realizes his psychic abilities are more than a curse. He wants to help if he can.

Lance’s attempts to help turn out to be therapeutic, helping him dig himself out of the pit of misery he calls a life. More importantly, they provide the intel for Homicide Detective, Frank Salmon—leading through a maze of twist and turns to the arrest of the real murderers.

Tip of the Hat

From my point of view, ol’ Lance wouldn’t make it if the way wasn’t brilliantly paved by Robicheaux, Bosch and Reacher.

Your own ideas on the matter are much appreciated.

Let me know what you think.