Moods of a Mystery Writer –

There’s probably more than a couple misconceptions surrounding the life and work of a mystery writer.  Let me assure you, we are NOT all Edgar Allan Poe.  Thank god not many are as miserable as was my dear Poe.  Self-inflicted torture is not my preferred life-style choice.  Like most of you, I enjoy the good things in life, I have a sense of humor, I laugh, I smile.

It’s All About the Music

As many of you know by now, I’m an ex-musician Writing mystery stories was my second choice.  I love all music genres (some more than others) and love to explore new works by new artists as well as savor those gems from the past.  For me, music sets the tone, colors my thoughts, provides a magical vehicle for transformation.  Good music has unique powers.  It moves me.

Working It for Grins

It’s no secret that we create our own moods.  This includes joy and happiness, which can be a challenge in difficult times.  And trust me on this, if you live long enough, you will face difficult times.  Smiles can be scarce when you need them most—hard to come by on the faces of others, near impossible to create.  To demonstrate this irony, I give you Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” covered by every singer worth his or her salt—a classic tearjerker.  On the other hand . . . here’s 10 toons that may get you smilin’:

Turn it up!

If you break out in a smile don’t blame me.  You did it.  And you’ll simply have to suffer the consequences.  Enjoy.

And if you’re so inclined, feel free to mention your favorite way to light up a smile.

(Here it comes—the blatant self-promotion for my newest mystery book on

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