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Last book review I posted was  more than two years ago. You may well wonder, did he quit writing book reviews, or stop reading altogether. Although I’m busier these days, I haven’t changed my policy on reviewing books (see earlier blog). I do it only when a book moves me. And Joe R. Lansdale has managed to do just that with his crime novel , The Thicket.


First Sentence  –


Joe R. Lansdale’s The Thicket grabbed me with the first sentence and wouldn’t turn loose.


“I didn’t suspect the day Grandfather came out and got me and my sister, Lula, and hauled us off toward the ferry that I’d soon end up with worse things happening than had already come upon us or that I’d take up with a gun-shooting dwarf, the son of a slave, and a big angry hog, let alone true love and kill someone, but that’s exactly how it was.” – The Thicket, by Joe R. Lansdale


Hog, a Dwarf, and Redemption –


As a cross-genre “mystery writer” I’m not big on fiction classifications. The Thicket, like most great books defies pigeonholing. Some would say “crime novel,” some “western,” others “thriller,” others still, “adventure.”


Regardless, The Thicket is nothing short of mastery. Character-driven story-telling at its finest, running a reader through a gauntlet of gut wrenching emotions with ease—poignant, gritty, tongue-and-cheek, and often horrific. Perfectly seasoned with Texas cornpone, this coming-of-age western tale is a delight.




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