One Kickass Crime Novel –

I had to put down one of Stephen King’s long-winded tales, as well as a Dean Koontz self-absorbed Oddity because I didn’t want to stop reading “The Wheelman.”  I’ll get back to those guys later, but for now I’m going to hunt down the next Swierczynski  crime novel—way more fun.

The Wheelman, Lennon crashes his way through the bank’s front doors only to suffer a highly imaginative menagerie of violence, betrayal and pursuit.  For the mute getaway man everything goes wrong all the time, yet he survives . . . or does he?  You gotta read this thing.

Mr. Swierczynski (try to type that 3 times fast) crafts one hell of a crime novel.  More than a noir mystery, his bizarre twists are the stuff of nose bleeds.  All  done with gritty characters worth following  in a fast paced style that grabs you by the eyeballs and won’t let go.  He initially reminded me of one of my all-time crime writing faves, Charlie Huston.  Yet he’s unique beyond comparison.

You really gotta read this thing!

As always, my blatant self-promotion as a writer of mystery books follows:

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