Young woman reading a book

Killing Categories – What Kind Of Mystery Novel Is This, Anyway?

When I sat down to write the first book in the Lance Underphal Mystery series, I had only a vague concept of the genre—specifically, Mystery/Thriller. Now that Dark Side of Sunset Pointe is about to be released and the second mystery, Flight of the Tarantula Hawk is in the editing phase, I’m beginning to wonder […]

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Valley View through the eye of a Raven

Stephen King’s Got Nothin’ On Me

Okay, so he may have a bit of a head start, having published his break-out  novel, Carrie, in 1973.  And yes, he has a few million more readers—granted.  Oh, and then there’s his Rock n’ Roll radio station, WKIT.  But other than that, Stephen King’s got nothing on me.

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Jean De Mielot Works On A Manuscript

What Kind of Job is Writing Mystery Novels, Anyway?

To those curious, but who’ve yet to write mystery novels for a living, it can seem intriguing, mysterious—a strange confluence of alchemy, pot-boiling and cryptic conjuring. How could it possibly be a real job? Let me assure you, if not approached professionally, the results will be anything but professional. And it can be quite the […]

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